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Dropping out of the New Kids on the Block in the 1980s may have been one of the best career decisions Mark Wahlberg ever made. After shirking boy band fame and his life of petty crime, Wahlberg became a rapper in early 1990s with his group, Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch. He quickly became known for upbeat dance songs and his pants-dropping antics, which led to a modeling contact for Calvin Klein underwear.

Wahlberg soon caught the acting bug and received rave reviews in films such as Boogie Nights, Three Kings and The Perfect Storm. He soon added Planet of the Apes, The Italian Job and I Heart Huckabees to his long film resume.

Like Matt Damon, Wahlberg is a native Bostonian and was born in working-class Dorchester in 1971, the youngest of nine children. He is now married to model Rhea Durham. They have two small children.

In a recent interview, Mark Wahlberg said he would have probably ended up behind bars if he hadn't made it in show business. "My brother went to jail, I went to jail. Three of my brothers went to jail. My sister went to jail about 50 times." The former bad boy actor plays a Massachusetts state cop in The Departed.

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